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How to select bags

How to select bags
Try to choose the quality of well-known brands, Balenciaga bagsaccording to the maintenance of business rules introduced carefully tended your purse, your purse for your gift to style
1. From the detail drawing on Cortex: The material on the market today are mostly made leather bag, replica louis vuitton handbagsleather lines wrinkles significantly sense of coarse pores, while in the production of leather handbags have their own traces of collision damage, so generally used as a hand- system package, if leather briefcase or are making money package, is easy to wear. The cortex is the best sheepskin, fine lines, there are just soft, stain feeling strong, smooth leather this bag, straight, beautiful arc, is the superior system of the package materials. Generally used to make low-grade pigskin leather bag, strong and durable. Suede, patent leather is the rise in recent years to, but more difficult to maintain suede, patent leather and has a strong popularity and timeliness. This is your first consideration when selecting to. Also, care should cortex itself has been hardened, such as skin color is uniform.


2. Pick styles: shoulder bags with the general collapse of a soft Xianshu style,luxury handbag suitable for mature lady gentle personality; backpack-style bag is a fashionable girl's partner; portable bags, whether hard, soft all of a nimble, simple feeling, especially for working people. In addition, with bright metal of choice for women bag is elegant, but with a rough metal bag represents a different personality style.

3. To see work: selection of bags when you first pay attention to the overall feel, the appearance of depth is uniform, the line is rolling real, the corner is tainted needle, whether the length of the packet with the same. Followed by the package decoration, zipper and the seams are neat,louis vuitton handbags smooth, lined bag is connected in place, you can manually click on signs to see if there are open lines. Another selection of high-end bags have a certain expertise, we recommend that you purchase high-end bag of good reputation is best to shop, try to choose the quality of well-known brands, according to the maintenance of business rules introduced carefully tended your purse, your purse is You brightened style

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Buy bags Note

Buy bags Note
2, to avoid the rain, scratch, squeeze, and with the acid-base contacts. If the leather accidentally poured into the rain, louis vuitton handbagsimmediately wipe with a clean soft cloth drops, dry place can be a cool place (do not use fire to dry in the sun or under direct sun, so as not to bag deformation). ...
1, subtle leather note and see if the seams tight leather. When too tight, too tight will pull the leather, leather caused the rupture.


2, note whether there is too much leather seams. If too many seams, that the use made of multiple pieces of different skin, so a good leather should avoid excessive joint surface.

3, note that skin color is uniform leather. If the leather,replica louis vuitton handbags then there will be some irregular patterns of natural and feel soft, often with the gloss the more the better.

4, the purchase should also pay attention to metal parts (such as pull rings, buttons, key hooks, etc.), look at the gold is intact. In general, copper less likely to rust and fading.

5, note that zipper is smooth, good pull.

6, purses and leather goods within the junction in the very important (material inside a leather, silk material, cotton, canvas, synthetic fibers tarpaulins, etc.). Depending on the style, and functionality of different cortical mix of different, luxury handbagregardless of what kind of material are required to pay attention to the interface formation, anastomosis, to avoid the phenomenon of slack off.

The only way to extend the life of leather, that is, take good care of collections.

1, leather goods and shoes kept as secret, and must give it a rest room, avoid the overload of loading material, or in high temperature environments.

2, to avoid the rain, scratch, squeeze, and with the acid-base contacts.Balenciaga bags If the leather accidentally poured into the rain, immediately wipe with a clean soft cloth drops, dry place can be a cool place (do not use fire to dry in the sun or under direct sun, so as not to bag deformation).

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The level of bags were

The level of bags were

Because a significant number of customers in the inquiry, will ask the difference between different grades and characteristics, I believe the vast majority of people, all of these levels are confused, confused situation, we roughly describe on my shop handbags level overview, so that you understand. The so-called rank, is in contrast to later sort out, and when a manufacturer to produce a high level of product, followed by other manufacturers to follow a higher production of series products. Usually the market today can be divided into four grades, as follows:

A: B, AB cargo:
Often called B stock, AB goods. The only genuine parts, as only about LOGO, replica louis vuitton handbagseven casually looking for a wallet or purse, covered with LV trademark, as LV is then produced this paragraph was not important, the focus is India "LV" like , the mostly spread level, to see that this is the imitation goods, the prices are very cheap. Ingredients of the whole package: the main fabric is the worst of the hollow material. The worst ingredients. The worst of the hardware. The worst hand (Note: some of the main fabric as a pattern, ingredients for the white part, A leather goods with more than )

Second: A cargo:
A cargo be that the medium goods. Texture better than the B-class, leather and stitching sewing production in general,Balenciaga bags packaging the goods are also slightly better than B, but still had to go, not before long on the bad, the whole package ingredients: the main fabric is a common hollow materials, ingredients second layer of skin, common hardware, hand-General (Note: some of the main fabric as a pattern, ingredients for the white part of the first layer of skin is divided into two-story, two-story poor toughness )

C: A + goods:
A + goods, also AA goods, goods can be said to be in the upper, skin texture well, has requested a manual, also paid attention to details, the whole package seems to have a grade, the whole package of ingredients: The main fabric is a solid material , ingredients first layer of skin (Note: do not change color) General Hardware (Note: some of the main fabric as a pattern,luxury handbag ingredients for the white part of the first layer of skin into the second floor)

Four: Super A cargo:
Ha ha. Now on the grade, is produced by the domestic leather. Production process is relatively good, because the price is reasonable, better product quality. Ingredients of the whole package: the main fabric is a medium of solid materials, ingredients domestic first layer of skin, high quality hardware, (Note: some of the main fabric as a pattern, ingredients for the white part of the first layer of skin into the second floor), also known as special A cargo

1:1 over A: is the so-called super-three-A 1:1, is produced from imported leather, color after it is used as a beeswax color, water color immediately. Production process is very fine, on the flower. On the size, can be said with a kind of original, authentic all the bags are in strict accordance to imitate, with the difference between super-A mainly in the manual and materials, a manual than a super A more is fine. a strong attention to the details of all (because many are hand made original. And imitation is the machine than it did of course beautiful), this shop sold one to a bag full of super A!

The last question on the LV leather: leather handmade leather goods are used in the first layer of the original ecology of imported leather, the pursuit of the natural qualities of the original leather, louis vuitton handbagsleather so there may be some old Mang injuries or scratches, these are unique handmade leather goods features, but after a period of time as you use leather texture will become smooth and beautiful looking, these scratches, creases will disappear naturally. Handmade leather goods because of the original Pete, there can be two lines exactly the same product, with beige leather hand bag with water to try it after the dermis, see the water color will become darker ~ beige leather coral long oxidation The above points are the important characteristics of LV leather, often people will know to buy LV!

Many buyers shop recently asked why so why the price of your wallet. Bag what the price is pricing it? Here I am with you to explain. LV bag is not the size of the pricing. Mainly with leather and more much, much more than hardware, as well as hand is hard to do, to pricing.

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Most women like to wear a bag right, whether at work or outside normal. Choose a suitable bag, lik

  Most women like to wear a bag right, whether at work or outside normal. Choose a suitable bag, like choose a suitable dress, is more interested in talking about women topic. So, how to choose a bag you like it? The author is not an expert in this area, but very willing to share their knowledge with friends.
First, the stable-type bag. This bag in black, brown, gray, etc., style, style seems more stable, suitable for office workers. Most of the general work of women dressed in formal wear, the color is mostly dominated by dark lines, then, if coupled with a prudent style of the bag, I believe we will add a lot of your temperament, and features highlights of clothing increased.replica louis vuitton handbags Some people like leather bags, some people like cloth, and there are others. In short, I put this type of bag type of bag is classified as stable. Stable type of bags used for office workers, of course, style and design is also dominated by gravity.
Second, the active type of bag. For younger girls, the colors bright, lively style bag is their choice. The main color to bright colors, style more casual, more lively. Tall girls can choose some of the big bag of colorful, more suitable size and color, if the relatively small head and girls, you can choose a number of small, more lively and lovely. Color can often wear your normal clothing, or to match your skin tone, louis vuitton handbagsstyle can also be based on personal preferences. I put this type of bag type of bag summarized as active.
Third, leisure bag. Ladies usually like shopping, shopping, walking the streets and so on. When they go out, if the back of a more casual bag, is a good choice. Out of town or pleasure, take a leisure bag, really good. Shoulder Bag, diagonal bags, big bags or shoulders, are very good. Such bags typically much larger, adequate capacity, can eat and drink and other debris are placed in bags, the fabric can be considered such as denim or canvas fabric softer, more comfortable to go back, but also nice. This bag can also do it by yourself, choose something like the fabric, sewing machine do it themselves, their own plus some decoration, made out of the bag very unique. Or, are you all the time to go scouring shops often have discounted such a packet.
Fourth, the luxury handbag. This bag is usually participate in some parties, weddings, meetings and other occasions. The back of a luxury bag, it set off their own to the party or party occasions. Higher price of fabric you can choose a special material to compact the main styles, luxury handbagcolors, according to the gift, or dress you wear to match the color of choice.
Fifth, the price considerations
Price considerations, and friends according to their income, you can choose a high price a thousand dollars, or general price several hundred dollars, or a hundred dollars less. No matter what the price, choice of bags to be practical, beautiful dress for your overall mix.
Sixth, the maintenance of bag
In general, the bags can choose a soft clean cloth, wipe off the dust or dirt. Balenciaga bagsLeather bag you can choose a special leather cleaner. In the ventilation to dry, do not put the sun exposure to prevent fading or damaged bags.
Well, on how to choose the bag, the author to communicate with friends here, welcome friends to exchange learning.

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White leather bag purse how light decontamination bags

White leather bag purse how light decontamination bags
Leather bags, leather bags several maintenance tips, care, Balenciaga bagswithout spending a high
(1) fabric dyeing method of treatment of denim blue one: blue denim fabric dyed serious when the first soap in the cleaning wipe the pollution site, cleaning the bathroom along with a soft brush gently scrub Gyrosigma; repeated many times, until the dye dilution, while paying attention to the pollution site is rich in foam, so that improvements to dyeing, the dyeing for general completely removed. Brushing can not exert oneself in order to avoid the phenomenon of fabric fluff there. Method Two: 5 drops of mild detergent plus half a cup of hot water to reconcile, replica louis vuitton handbagsbefore washing with staining at the brush until the brush dyeing light colored female leather bag so far, and then regular washing.
(2) tea stain fabric dyeing method of the treatment: heating water to reconcile with a mild detergent, gently rub the stain with your fingers at, until light brush until the stain. Effect: tea stain treatment is no longer obvious, but the phenomenon of white fabric will appear.
(3) ball-point pen method of treatment of a trace: the pen trace colored fabric, use 95% alcohol treatment. Method two: before washing, brush with a mild detergent directly at the handwriting, not cleaning the bathroom, parking for 5 minutes before regular washing.
(4) handling of grease cleaning can be used in detergent products directly to scrub greasy place,luxury handbag if not black, red and other dark color fabrics available financial detergent. Brush lightly over thin white fabric available bleach (1:10 dilution) the direct use of grease at the toothbrush, then removed.
(5) handling of soup stains with detergent for 10 minutes (pot put 6 drops of detergent in water, mix well), and then regular washing.
(6) soy sauce before treatment with oxalic acid in the cleaning with a toothbrush dampened with a diluted cleaning the pollution site, regular washing. (7) treatment of mildew with warm soapy water to soak 40 degrees 10 minutes keyword $ minutes, then wash routine. White leather bag for the price of fabric products can be soaked in soapy water and then women at the leather bag will mold to dry for 10 minutes in the sun,louis vuitton handbags then the regular washing, careful not to exposure.
(8) fabric bleaching treatment (other than the black fabric) Method One: 1 minute with concentrated brine. Method Two: The salt for the water, even a soft brush, brush lightly with soap and water.
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Words against cross-border movement to enhance athletic shoes

Words against cross-border movement to enhance athletic shoes


When we talk about when to buy a pair of sports shoes, our population is no longer just "Adidas", "Nike", more familiar with our local brand is: Pick, Li Ning, 361 °.

With the strength of sales promotion and strengthening of the local sports brand has strong words against cross-border capital movement and brands.

"I hope that one day, Peak can an international brand identity to challenge Nike and Adidas." Peak CEO in an interview Zhi-Hua Xu says.

Once upon a time, we still read it slowly and study hard. Then will talk about players lying on the bedroom, mbt walking shoestheir words and deeds, their dress, their anecdotes, all of our conversation, our role models. At that time, and everyone simply, simple food and clothing, not for the rest, only of when to race in the sports arena when you can wear a pair of feet has a "check mark" logo of Nike shoes.

Now, when we talk about when to buy a pair of sports shoes, our population is no longer just "Adidas", "Nike", more familiar with our local brand is: Pick, Li Ning, 361 ° ... ... they show their charm, as we know, we have become hard in the sports arena when the partner.

Once the market leader in China's Li Ning, after a painful loss of market, after the first position, mbt shoesa strong rise again. In 2009, China's largest sports brand to more than 8 billion yuan of sales in the China market to become second only to Nike surpass Adidas sports brand. This year, Li Ning abandon the old LOGO, start a new design of the new logo and new slogan "make the change", began to attack the Nike.

Temporarily in a backward Phenom also not given up the pace to catch up. Left from the beginning of this specialization and internationalization of Chinese sports brand, has grown considerably in strength, hard-driving. NBA venue from simple advertising to cooperate with the team, to star in the endorsement, finally reached an official partnership, and set up an international NBA players "TEAM", mbt walking shoesPick's brand awareness, sales and profit margins are received rapid promotion, has entered the second camp.

So how should a sports brand to the world? Lee Sang as the answer given is: "focus on national culture, to maintain broad mindedness." Only with the cultural output, the cultural connotation of the brand of products, the international perspective of the layout of the integration with the local culture, so that the power of the brand enjoys popular support.

This is, in the selection of Olympic celebrity endorsements have been confirmed: the signed endorsement of 12 NBA players in the star, Jason Kidd, Shane Battier and so are Americans, for the U.S. market; Pietrus is French, is concerned Western Europe; Vujacic was the Serbs, Chinese and the Eastern European market; and Dikembe Mutombo are Africans, that mysterious continent will also be important strategies for mbt shoesOlympic international fulcrum. Today, the Peak's products through national distributors, has been sold to Japan, Korea, Europe, Middle East and other dozens of countries and regions.

Internationalization is not just the product can be sold abroad. International basis must be professional and should be an international R & D and international talent, international marketing resources and international sales channels.

Chinese brands have opened R & D center will be designed to the world's largest sports brand Nike's headquarters. Recently, Anta Garnett signed with the machine attempts to enter overseas markets. The Olympic in Los Angeles in preparation for the establishment of branches and the United States R & D center, and is working with several major retailers in the United States to discuss cooperation, discount mbt shoesthe second half of this year is expected to open for business in the United States. All these indicate that China's domestic sports brand is gradually catch up with the pace of cross-brand, to the world.

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